‘I Did Not Mean To Kill Her’ – Man Arrested For Raping Colleague To Death

Murder suspect
Murder Suspect

A 27-year old man Adenuga Eniola, who was recently arrested by men of Ogun State Police Command for allegedly raping a co-worker, identified as Faith Jude, to death, has finally spoken on his evil deed.

Eniola after murdering Faith, went on to hide her corpse.

Speaking with newsmen, Eniola revealed how he committed the crime saying; ‘The lady involved was a colleague in the workplace; Faith Jude. She had only been with us for about two weeks but I have been working in the company since July. I met her when she joined but we worked in different shops. I am a mobile money agent and I work in one of the shops being run by our boss, while she worked directly with our boss’.

“She was just a co-worker. I told her that I wanted to marry her, but she said she would think about it. She came to my shop the next day to collect some money on behalf of our boss and I asked if she had come to a decision on what our discussion.

“But she said she was having her periods and that even if she would give me a reply, it wasn’t at that time. She said after her periods, she would give me a reply. When she told me she was having her periods, I insisted that she was lying.

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“I don’t know what came over me; I just wanted to have her. When she was screaming while I was trying to undress her, I used something – a piece of cloth – to gag her. In the process of having sex with her, she gave up and I did not know.  After I had sex with her, I discovered that she was dead. I did not know what else to do than so I covered her body in the shop. I was in panic mode; I didn’t know what to do.

“She was only there to collect money for our boss; I was the one that used that opportunity to perpetrate the ungodly act. I am not married, I am not a womaniser. I don’t know why I got myself involved in this. I did not have any girlfriend; I don’t just know what came over me and made do what I did.  I confirmed that she was having her periods. It was after I raped her that I saw bloodstains on my private parts. And I felt bad about it.

“Why did you kill her? he was asked and he said, ‘I did not intentionally kill her; I think it was the cloth I used to gag her to prevent her from shouting that suffocated her and caused her death. It was never intentional; all I wanted to do was to sleep with her.

“When I discovered that she was dead, I kept her body in the shop for three days until when my boss’ child came to the shop, said the place was stinking and that I should ensure I cleaned it up on environmental sanitation day. While cleaning the shop, I did not have any other choice but to take her corpse outside.

“Then I called my boss to tell him that I had seen the corpse of the lady we were looking for.  I lied, hoping that I would not become a suspect, but my boss told me to report the matter at the police station and that he would join me there. I told them the same thing at the station, but in the course of interrogating me, I confessed that I killed Faith.

“I did not know what came over me; killing her was a mistake. All I wanted to do was to have sex with her. I regret my action because I don’t know what came over me, I am not a womaniser. I don’t know why I got myself involved in this.”