Nigeria Secures Tokyo Olympics Entry, Continues to Dominate in Basketball

After a convincing showing in the FIBA World Cup, Nigeria is going to be among the countries to get a direct invitation to the upcoming 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. The Nigerian national basketball team played a strong game in the competition, managing to overcome such powerhouses as China.

NIgeria Qualifies for the Tokyo Olympics

Facing their Chinese opponents Nigeria established a dominance during FIBA early on and finally clinched the game at 86-73, which guaranteed the team a ticket straight to the upcoming Olympics. 

Ike Diogu, an NBA start and a Nigerian basketball player, said that he felt that the golden time of Nigerian basketball had arrived. Indeed, many of the country’s players now get an opportunity to play on an international scene and specifically in the NBA in the United States. 

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With the prospects for the team at an all-time high, Nigeria is definitely looking towards a future in which it will continue to dominate the basketball scene in the world. The NBA has proven a great training ground for the talented players that have been eager to get international exposure and build their country’s profile as the new homeland of some of the most talented players out there.