Nigerians React As Protesters Blame Victims Found Dead In Rivers Hotels

Port Harcourt Killings

In what seems like a ‘serial killer on the loose’ attacks in Port Harcourt, residents have taken to the street to protest against the killings.

However, they placed part of the blame on the victims, which so far has only been prostitutes.

Some pointed out that the murdered women were attacked for ritual purposes, saying that “online vendors” are lured to hotels for business but on getting there they are killed.

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Other pointed out that even if the slain women were prostitutes, that doesn’t excuse their murder.

The protest is barely a day old before another female victim was found dead in a hotel room in the city of Port Harcourt on Sunday.

At least, 10 ladies have been reportedly killed under similar circumstances, within the space of few months all in Port Harcourt.

Here’s What People Are Saying About This:

“So a lady in Port Harcourt who sells hair and beauty products apparently escaped an episode.
Someone calls her ordering beauty products saying she just got into town and is checked at a hotel, so she should come make the delivery there.
Only for her to get to the hotel and call.”

— Korikiye Robyn Fenty❣️ (@Her_Petiteness) September 16, 2019

“Hello everyone. Since morning I have watched how we have been dragged for a placard perceived as insensitive. ‘Prostitution is not an option.”

“While we apologize for that message, we must admit it that it was more a grammatical error than an actual message.” #ProtectPhGirls

— Port Harcourt Significant Girls (@girls_port) September 16, 2019


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