Rapper Tipsy Enupo Reacts As PelePele Commits Suicide

Tipsy Enupo
Rapper, Tipsy Enupo

Nigeria rapper Tipsy Enupo has taken to Twitter to react to the death of fellow rapper Pele Pele.

News surfaced yesterday that PelePele who was formerly signed to Olamide’s YBNL label took his own life in his Ikorodu home due to him being depressed and not having made heads way in the music industry.

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Reacting to the news, Tipsy stated that she took the thought of ‘blowing’ off of her mind many years ago.

It’s a shame pelepele commited suicide apparently cos he couldn’t blow. Man, I took that blow shit off my mind so that I can be happy in life. Death ain’t the way. He was a good rapper

— TIPSY (@tipsyenupo) September 20, 2019