Recruitment: Police Padded List With Unqualified Candidates – PSC Commissioner

Mohammed Adamu
The Inspector-General of Police (IGP)  Mohammed Adamu

A commissioner of the police service commission (PSC), Austin Braimoh has raised allegations that the Nigeria police force (NPF) padded the recruitment list of 10,000 constables with unqualified candidates.

The PSC has now placed the recruitment of 10,000 personnel on hold “in order to finalise the remaining stage of the exercise” — leading to a strain in the relationship between Mohammed Adamu, the inspector general of police, and the commission.

Speaking recently with a Nigerian newspaper, Braimoh said that the list of candidates released by the force was “polluted”.

“We are going to release a more genuine list because the list the police sent out is polluted. We would have loved to manage it, but we see what happens. We hope we can put heads together and delete people that came in without going through the normal process,” he said.

“This is our first recruitment and we want to ensure we do what is right. We are not accusing them (police) of being corrupt or of doing what is wrong, but we would allow Nigerians to judge at the end of the day. This is all that we stand for.

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“We just want to do what is right. Now that things are being put in the proper place, we are still going to have a meeting point, sit together with the DIG Training and all the staff and then look at the list again, the way we presented it at the initial time and then streamline and bring out the best for Nigeria.”

Adding that a meeting with the IGP and Maigari Dingyadi, minister of police affairs, will be held to address the crisis which has followed the recruitment process.