Singer Maj Recounts How Her Friend Was Raped

Singer Maj
Singer Maj

Nigerian singer Maj has taken to Twitter to recount how a friend of hers was raped by a young man she had known for a while.

According to Maj’s story, the rapist balmed his act on her friend getting drunk and misbehaving.

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Read her tweets below;

I am beyond livid ATM. Imagine waking up and being greeted with a message that breaks your heart

So last night, I was meant to go out with a friend to another friend’s place, this other friend is a guy that she has known for a few years now. According to her, he asked her out a while back but she turned him down saying she is not ready for a relationship, but they somehow managed to remain friends after then. Over time, she somehow developed feelings for the guy but decided not to tell him saying she would wait for him to make a move again but will be stylishly letting him know she is now into him.

I woke up this morning to a call from her saying she MAY have just been raped.

She said she had gotten to the guy’s place but ended up saying as against their plan to go out for drinks and maybe grab something to eat later.

He had complained that his car had suddenly developed a fault and had tried contacting my friend just to let her know the situation of things before she got there, but my friend did not pick her calls. My friend also affirmed she saw his missed call.

She sha got there and met his mechanic working in the compound. They decided to wait for the car to be fixed while sipping on whiskey.

The mechanic finished work on the car at about 8pm, by then they were both slightly drunk and decided to stay at his place instead of going out. They kept drinking and then one thing led to the other, they started making out until the guy decided to start removing her panties and all.

According to my friend, she resisted and said no, but the guy refused to listen to her and kept going until he had his way.

He woke up the next morning and when they tried to talk about what happened simply said my friend was the one who started misbehaving but las las they both sha misbehaved. He then went on to argue that what he did isn’t rape and that he knows my friend has been trying to get him to notice her again and if she really thinks about it, she can not call what happened rape.

My friend is devasted and all but guess who they have been trying to soothe? Me, cos if left to me, I will rip his guts out.


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