Singer Maj Sexually Assaulted By Touts In Ikeja [Video]

Singer Maj
Singer Maj

Nigerian singer Maj has again found herself in the news after posting a video of herself on Twitter recounting how she got sexually assaulted last night.

According to the K2O Entertainment artiste, she was sexually assaulted in the Ikeja area of Lagos while on a bike.

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Maj said she first had the men rubbing her thighs as she rode on the bike before they started spewing insults her way calling her all sorts.

She went on to say even women joined in to insult her and at the end, she had to go hide in a church.
Last night, I was sexually assaulted by some men in Ikeja and till now, I am still in shock but again we live in a society where people feel they have every right to assault women over the way she is dressed
#fridaythe13th #saynotosexualharrassment #saynotoharassment

Watch the sad video below;


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