Spotlight: Amazing Things About Falz You Didn’t Know


Folarin Falana known popularly as Falz, is one of Nigeria’s sensational rapper, songwriter and actor.

Falz, who is the son of renowned human rights lawyer, Femi Falana started his career while in secondary school after forming a group called “The School Boys” with his friend.

Falz debuted into the Nigerian music scene in 2009 and hit the limelight with his song “Marry Me” featuring Poe and Yemi Alade.

One of Falz’ greatest attribute is his versatility. Whether it’s acting, comedy or music,  the artist knowns his onions and horizon to make the best of his talents.

Did you know that Falz has an alter ego that goes by the name Broda Taju. He says: “It’s a persona and part of my brand. You hear it in my music and it’s a character I bring out especially online on social media just for entertainment; to keep my fans engaged and make them feel closer to me.

However, as much as he could be the best in every area of entertainment, the rapper says for him music remains his passion and stressed that he doesn’t see himself doing anything else for a living.

The singer who grew exploring places like Lagos, Abuja, Osun State and the UK, met Fela Kuti, late afrobeat legend — Who at some point was a client of his father.
In an interview at a while ago, the rapper revealed that: “My dad was a huge fan of his and was his lawyer at some point in time and that definitely influenced me and inspired my real interest in Fela’s music.
My dad also used to play a lot of his records. I met Fela Kuti at my dad’s office when I was really young (between 1 and 5 years) even though I don’t have much memory of it.”
With many hit songs in the bag, Falz has been able to mix entertainment and activism as he never shies away from using his music to draw attention to the political situation of the country.
His cover of Childish Gambino’s “This is America” which he renamed into “This is Nigeria”, and a number of songs on his latest album “Moral Instruction” are all testament to his love for activism just like his father.
For us, Falz is one entertainer that would go really far and make a long lasting impact.


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