Xenophobia: South African Stores Attacked In Zambia

Zambians have begun looting South African owned stores in retaliation to the xenophobic attacks on foreigners in South Africa.

Zambians Looting A South African owned store
Zambians looting a South African owned store

The development comes after the country had called off their friendly match with South Africans due to xenophobic attacks on foreigners and looting of shops.

The citizens of Zambia, in reprisal attempt, attacked stores owned by South Africans in their country.

In a viral video, Zambians are seen carting away stolen goods and destroying a store owned by South Africans.


The renewed xenophobic violence in South Africa’s city of Johannesburg has struck a wrong cord as citizens in Zambia, Nigeria and Ethiopia have taken to the streets to react and pour out their anger.

Reports claim that a group of concerned citizens in Zambia had written to the police to notify them of a peaceful march and gathering at the premises of the South African Embassy in the capital Lusaka which was scheduled to hold on Wednesday but it was not approved.

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Watch the video below:


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