Yoruba Actor Saidi Balogun Clears The Air On Fraud Allegation, Says ‘I Am Equally A Victim’

Yoruba Actor Saidi Balogun
Yoruba Actor Saidi Balogun

Popular Yoruba Actor Saidi Balogun has reacted to claims by actress Tayo Sobola.

The actor took to his Instagram to share three posts that narrates his own side of the story.

Stating that he was also a victim.

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It was earlier this week that actress Tayo Sobola called him out for introducing her to a scammer.

See His Snippets Here: ‘Hello Everyone, I want to address the issue attempting to drag my name in the mud of social media. I would have ignored the matter but I realized that keeping quiet would further fuel the misconceptions and put me in a bad light. Firstly, I wasn’t involved in any scam rather, I’m equally a victim. This is not a decision to hate or indict anyone but to clear things up. A man named IDRIS BELLO came to me a few weeks ago and introduced a Hajj trip package. I wasn’t interested initially until he showed me a copy of my colleague IBRAHEEM CHATTA’S advert which he has been doing for his company. I was convinced knowing how well Chatta is very versed on religion and Islamic matters, so I decided to give it a shot but i didnt record any Visual and radio jingle for him except my picture that he used on his flyers. A few days later, he pleaded with tears in his eyes that I should get some of my junior colleagues in the industry to buy into the traveling packages, he further explained that he had invested 20million naira already on the project and he was running into a huge loss.’

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