Angela Okorie Shares Her Biggest Fear For Her Son

Angela Okorie and her son
Angela Okorie and her son

Nollywood actress Angela Okorie in a recent chat has opened up on what she fears most for her son.

According to the mom of one; “Sometimes I just think about my son. What if it was my son that was killed in South Africa? I am an old woman and I send my son out to South Africa for greener pastures and he’s working and all of a sudden somebody stabs him to death. What do I do? God forbid!”

On saving a suicidal person, the actress cum singer recalled: “Things haven’t really been easy for people, and it is not just me. I am not talking for myself but a lot of people out there, because a lot of them are going through pains. A lot of graduates end up jobless. People are committing suicide on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, I saved a soul on Ikoyi Bridge the other day.

He wanted to jump into the Lagoon. I was driving when my boy suddenly screamed ‘Mama, see, someone wants to jump into the Lagoon’. I had to come down from the car and run straight to the guy and speak with him. I said ‘Why do you want to kill yourself? You think by killing yourself you will make heaven or everything you are looking for you will get when you die?

What about your family, the people you will leave behind?’ The guy said he just wanted to kill himself because for eight months they had not paid him where he worked and he had no money to eat. I asked him ‘what about those that have stayed for 10 or 15 years without jobs and are still living? Why do you want to die? There are people that will hear of your death and will just collapse and die. Think about the future’.

Then I gave him some money and told him that when he gets home, he should tell his people to make chicken and vegetable soup for him. I gave him my phone number and he communicates with me till today. However, I didn’t put that on social media because when you do things from your heart, God sees and blesses you and no man can curse you.”