Anger As Herdsman Sells Beef From Cows Killed By Thunderstorm In Ondo

Thunder Strikes Cows dead in Ondo
Thunder Strikes Cows dead in Ondo

Residents of Ikare Akoko in Ondo State have expressed disgust after it was found that beef from cows struck dead by a thunderstorm was being sold.

A herd of cattle was on Tuesday hit by a thunderstorm, which killed eight cows at Ekan-Ile area of Ikare Akoko, in Akoko North-East local government area of the state.

The herdsman according to report, started selling the meat to butchers who were unaware of the cows’ death.

This was confirmed by the Director of Environmental Health Services in Akoko Northeast Local Government, Yemisi Adeniyi, and her counterpart from Akoko Northwest, Ojo Anthony.


They revealed that they have stopped the sales of the meat in the area, while some butchers who were attempting to take the meat to the market were arrested.

Meanwhile, members of the state health services had mobilised to the slaughterhouse of the unhealthy cows on Thursday morning and seized the remaining meat.

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Residents were therefore advised to stay away from cow meat in the next few days to avoid consuming the controversial meat.

This would be the second time, thunderstorm would kill cows in Ondo State.

36 cows were killed by thunder in Ijare, in Ifedore local government area of the state in September.


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