Chief Judge Shoots Self While Presiding Over Case

court gavel
court gavel

A Thai Chief judge identified as Khanakorn Pianchana threw the courtroom into pandemonium after shooting himself in the chest during a court session.

According to reports, he was said to have acquitted five men who were charged with murder and unlawful possession of firearms.

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He was reportedly said to have issued a statement on social media before the shooting which claims that senior judges in the district told him to change the verdict in the case to guilty.

Statement below:

“At this moment, other fellow judges in Courts of First Instance across the country are being treated the same way as I was. [If] I cannot keep my oath of office, I’d rather die than live without honour,” the statement said.

He is said to be recuperating in an intensive care unit in a Yala hospital as gunshot he suffered were not life-threatening.


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