‘Dead Ex-Wife’ Visits Man On Day Of His New Wedding

A Twitter user identified as olamipos_tabiti has recounted how her cousin found out that her husband-to-be is married.

According to her, the man had told her cousin that his wife was dead but refused taking down her photos in his house.

However, the woman whose husband claimed was dead, showed up at the wedding with proof of their marriage.

In her tweet, she had said: “My cousin is getting married today or should I say supposed to get married today, and a Lady showed up in her house as the husband’s housewife, of which the man told her his wife is late, True life story”

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Man's 'Dead Ex-Wife' Visits Him On Day Of His New Wedding
Olamipo’s Tweet
Man's 'Dead Ex-Wife' Visits Him On Day Of His New Wedding
Olamipo’s Tweet


  1. Wow!!!!! sorry for ur cousin but men r cruel
    How is she feeling now,I’ll advice she go on with the wedding the other wife doesn’t need to be arrested she knows nofin about his actions….

  2. There was a case in this Nigeria where a Man went to get death certificate for his living wife and processed travelling documents for their children and his new found love with the death certificate. Thank God the Woman found her death certificate and the ready travelling documents in the husband’s car before they travelled. If you are divorcing a woman,do it honourably,why will you break somebody’s heart and still run away with her children? Is it for her to go and commit suicide?


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