Dog Killed While Devouring 1-Year-Old Baby’s Head In Abuja (Viewer’s Discretion)

Photo of the baby's skull
Photo of the baby’s skull

A pit bull dog has been killed after devouring the head of a 1-year-old baby in Mambilla Barrack, Abuja.

The dog was said to be owned by one Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) in the barrack.

According to reports, the baby was playing outside when the dog sighted him and pounced on his head.

Upon sighting this, residents quickly mobilized to the area with planks and started hitting the dog but it held on to the baby’s head until it was beaten to death.

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The little boy was rushed to the hospital where he was confirmed dead, despite best efforts.

More image below:


  1. fool feeds animals and treat them more better than human being beings but populations are out there perishing for a shelter! #GetSense

  2. so sad.such animal should be kept under close watch to avoid such situation at all 3 things have gone wrong due to the carelessness of the RSM.the boy is gone,the dog is gone,the RSM who own the dog is good as gone too. in the military no one take sides when you make crazy mistakes.the RSM is in for a deep shit due to his carelessness.

  3. Haha @ ping me you are too fast forward and abusive try and understand what she is saying first before throwing insult @ her,she is just trying to clear the air that the boy is still alive just to avoid passing wrong information

  4. dat is how is happening everywhere. ppl liv dre dogs unchained/uncaged and dey will be trying 2 convince u 2 com inside dre gate again


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