Escaped Lion Captured After Devouring Many Goats In Kano

Lions in a cage

A lion that escaped from its cage in the Kano zoological garden is said to have been captured after many hours of searching.

This was made known by Saidu Gwadabe, head of the zoological garden, while speaking to BBC Hausa on Sunday morning.

He said that the animal was spotted inside the zoo premises but in a cage where goats were kept and noted that it had devoured all the goats in the cage.

He said the lion was shot with an injection which made him powerless before it was captured and returned to its cage.

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News of the lion’s escape on Saturday, had sparked tension and panic among those who reside around the zoo road in Kano metropolis.

It was reported that many residents had gone indoors earlier than usual to prevent coming in contact with the escaped lion.