Fake Miracle: Pastor Chris Okafor Breaks Silence

The founder of Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministry, Pastor Chris Okafor has broken his silence after being bashed for deceiving his church members with false miracles.

Pastor Chris Okafor
Pastor Chris Okafor

Information Nigeria recalls the Anambra-based cleric happens to be among the five pastors who performed the same miracle on the woman with bulgy arm in his church.

The pastor has come out to clear his name through his publicist, Sunday Adeyemi.

Speaking with Punchng, the pastor admitted that the woman came to their Church and she was healed.

“The woman was in our church really. But you know in this issue of deliverance, some people could be delivered here and then go back to where they stayed before and the attack would return. That was what happened to the woman,” he said.


  • Can you hear the fake pastor story? Healing and the ailment coming back? Because Nigeria is a place where anything happens and no one is scrutinized adequately using modern techniques to get the truth.
    what the woman is suffering is called conjoin bone hemorrhage. it stretches when the hands are relaxed for a while and can contact again after a while. There is nothing like miracle in what has been trending as a miracle.
    It’s all fake.

  • may God of heaven help his sheep’s oooooooo the wolfs has taken over as Shepherds so the sheep’s are no longer safe because the wolves are turning them to food everyday

  • Our Almighty God never heal half way.
    Stop deceiving us , you should be ashamed of your speech Mr pastor,,
    Any divine healing from God is always permanent, He is just saying this shit to cover up his shame…
    You fake pastors have brought shame upon Christianity…. Shame upon you all

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