Female Secondary School Students Caught Caressing, Smooching Each Other (Video)

Ghana secondary school students
Ghana secondary school students

A video has surfaced online showing some Ghanaian secondary school students caressing each other.

The girls were seen dancing seductively during the school’s entertainment session and seen fondling each other’s boobs at some point.

Just as they were fondling themselves as they danced, other students watched on while a few taped the dance.

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The Ghanaian Education authorities are yet to comment on the viral video, but the video has since caused a stir online making many questions the educational system in the country.



  1. it’s normal…why do we have to be worried about this….every woman needs to be free to do anything with anyone… let them live their lives and enjoy their freedom…we should worry about the economy of our country…..To the ladies out there … enjoy yourself don’t be afraid to live your life. remember trust and believe in God.

  2. people just like to copy others without even check if it’s right or not what a taboo is not African at all .no matter how a woman to woman romance each other or vice visa , it can never be like man and woman , original.