How To Setup And Use The UBA Leo AI Bot On Apple Devices

Last year United Bank of Africa UBA launched a new AI Bot system, The UBA Chat Banking popularly known as ‘UBA Leo’. It is a new way of making Internet transactions or Internet banking with the use of different social media platforms like Facebook messenger, WhatsApp and the recently introduced Apple Business Chat for iPhone users.  

Leo, the future of banking allows customers perform various banking services without having to step into a banking hall.  With Leo, you can request for mini account statements, customer service resolution travel notifications and even weather forecast. And now, IOS users can enjoy same, following these basic steps.

Setting up The UBA AI BOT – LEO On iOS Messaging App

Firstly, make sure your Apple device is running on iOS 11.3 and higher, as Apple Business Chat is only available in those versions.

Then you simply need to launch UBA’s Mobile Banking App, which is available for download in the Apple Store, or visit 

From there, click on the – Chat with Messages – button. Once done, a conversation with Leo will open instantly, and you can chat with him as easily as you would a friend. Amazing right?

Now watch as Leo helps you through Apple Business Chat to transfer funds, open new accounts, recharge airtime, renew subscriptions, check account balances, and pay utility bills just like it does on social media. 

Furthermore, Leo makes use of available data to resolve complaints and where more information is needed, Leo will quickly transfer the customer to human agents.

For more information, visit


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