Kenyans Ridicule Nigerians With Video Of Nigerian Ambassador To The U.S (Video)

Nigerian Ambassador To The US
Sylvanus Nsofor – Nigerian Ambassador To The US

Kenyans have taken to Twitter to trend a video of Nigeria’s ambassador to the United States Of America.

The video has led to a series of conversation among Nigerian and other African nations.

In the video, 85-year-old Sylvanus Nsofor was seen as almost being supported by Godwin Emefele.

The video was shared by Kenyan Twitter user @MukamiWaEmbu who captioned it using sarcasm to hide the jeer.

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In his own words, he said: ‘This is the Nigerian Ambassador to the United States of America. Thanks, Mr. President in Nigeria for appointing this very young man, the walking stick is just for fun…’

See His Post Here:


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