Lady Goes On Her Knees In Public; Begs Boyfriend Of 7 Years To Marry Her

The lady while proposing to the boyfriend
The lady while proposing to the boyfriend

A Nigerian lady became the cynosure of all eyes after going on her knees to beg her boyfriend of 7-years to marry her in full glare of the public.

The lady further stunned onlookers as she reached out for her pocket to bring out an engagement ring.

The boyfriend, instead of accepting the proposal shouted at her telling her to stop embarrassing her in public.

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The lady further begged the boyfriend by telling him that she is tired of waiting for his proposal, hence her decision to come forward with hers.


  1. Ladies should learn to place values on themselves all these are not ours they are foreign and even the people whom you are copying, do their marriage works ? No , divorce is nothing to them. That guy is just a Casanova , who is not ready yet. Any guy who is ready do not need to date you for eight years before proposing to you. Do not force yourself on anybody for you not to loose your value and learn to wait for yours , for yours will always love you for whom you are . Also keep yourself from the man you are dating till he did the right thing , because some men zeal are down because he has had all the taste even before marriage.


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