Magic Or Miracle: Woman’s Short, Bulgy Arm Grows Back To Normal Length In Pastor Okafor’s Church (Video)

A woman’s short and bugly arm grew back to the normal length to the amazement of the congregation of the Mountain of Liberation and miracle ministry.

Pastor Chris Okafor
Pastor Chris Okafor

The church is owned by controversial man of God, Pastor Chris Okafor, who is known for his daring prophesies alongside signs and wonders.

Web users, who have come across the video, have been left speechless, leaving them to wonder if it was truly a miracle or magic.

According to Okafor, the woman had travelled to her husband’s hometown with him.

When they got there, her husband had a problem with his mother, who then put the blame on the woman and promised to deal with her.

The clergyman revealed the woman was alleged pushed from the bed by three women while she was sleeping and this caused her arm not to grow normally.

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Watch the shocking video below:


  1. Magicians of Pharaoh turned rods to serpents, only the undiluted gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ leads to repentance & salvation. I f the woman has repented & accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Lord & Saviour, fine & good. If not, what she received is worthless magic & damnation