Secondary School Students Caught Making Out Inside Classroom (VIDEO)

The students while making out
The students while making out

The video of some suspected secondary school students who were passionately making out around the four corners in a classroom has hit the internet.

According to the video, each of the students was seen with female fellow students around the four corners of the classroom as they engaged in passionate romance.

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As at the time of report, it remains unknown where the activity took place but information available says it happened in one of the Nigerian secondary schools.


Watch the video below:


  1. But the name above doesn’t relate as a one of the Nigerian surname, yet still is not a nice thing to post this image on Media.
    why not taking them their house or reports to the both student parents…
    Let’s protect the image of our students in school pls…
    It’s also happening out there in others Country they didn’t post it online, Things in Nigeria are always different….


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