When My Husband Calls Me By My Full Name, I Know I Am In Trouble: Mrs Moghalu

Kingsley Moghalu

Mrs. Maryanne Moghalu, wife of Professor Kingsley Moghalu, former Presidential candidate of the YPP in the 2019 Presidential elections has revealed that whenever her husband calls her by her full name she’s in trouble.

In a recent interview with Daily Trust, Mrs Moghalu said her husband, former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank to whom she has been married to for more than 25 years is compassionate and dedicated to his family.

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On what phrase her husband uses to caution the children or herself, she said, “when the children were younger, we had “Mr do-good.”

The mere mention of it tended to very quickly correct the erring child. Now that they are older, they sit and talk. For myself, well, when two learned people live together there are bound to be fireworks. He calls me “dearest.” So when he calls me by my full name, Onyinyechi, I know I am in real trouble. ”



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