Women With 8 Inches Clitories Can Be Considered As Men: Supreme Court

Isioma Adeyemi
Isioma Adeyemi

A very controversial ruling was passed by the Supreme court of Nigeria yesterday in Abuja, declaring that all women who have clitorises longer than 7,5 centimeters (3 inches) can now be legally considered as men.

The decision by the five-member Supreme Court panel, led by Mary Odili, ruled that 36-year old Isioma Adeyemi’s request was “perfectly sound and legitimate”, ordering that her legal status be changed immediately.

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Ms. Adeyemi has been in court, fighting to be legally declared a man because of her exceptionally large clitoris.

Experts also disclosed that over 600 other Nigerian women who have sufficiently big clitorises can also apply for a change to their legal status.

Nigeria is the second country in the world to offer women with large clitorises the option of being legally considered as men.


  1. Gay marriage is indirectly being legalized in Nigeria by Female Judges with Dead Conscience and Ungodly professional disposition.

  2. Is the length of the the clitoris the only determinant of one’s gender? Does the length of the clitoris change the anatomical make up of the woman, such as the fallopian tubes with ovaries etc.? Does the woman mensurate and have capacity to conceive and bear children? One would love to read the judgement of the Nigerian Supreme court to know what informed the ruling. In my opinion, this decision is weird.

  3. These evil men and women of the end time finally conquered Nigeria (Africa generally). You haven’t seen anything they are unfolding slowly. Watch out for part 2…


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