13-Year-Old Boy Loses Both Hands After Step Mum Accuses Him Of Sleeping With Her

The boy with the damaged arm
The boy with the damaged arm

The spokesman of the Nasarawa State Ministry of Youths, Eche Amos, has shared the story of a 13-year-old buy named Ovey Friday who lost his both hands after his step mum accused him of sleeping with her in her dreams.

She was said to have taken his to a native doctor where hot coals were placed and tied around his hands so as to confess.

The teenage boy was said to have damaged his both hands as a result.

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To the glory of God, 13-year-old Ovey Friday, a victim of domestic violence from Wulko Community, Nasarawa Eggon Local Government Area, Nasarawa State, had a successful operation at Cedar Crest Hospitals, Abuja(all expenses paid).

His left hand was amputated below the elbow to save his life.

Ovey, whose biological mother is now late, was accused of witchcraft by his step-mother who alleged that the teenager was making love to her in her dreams, an allegation the young boy repeatedly denied.

He was then taken for exorcism where, with the collusion of a native doctor, Ovey’s hands were tied together and coals of fire poured on them to force him to confess to the allegation, yet, he claimed his innocence.

The effect of the burns led to Ovey’s (left) hand’s amputation and permanent deformity on the other(right) as it had degenerated into gangrene.

While Ovey’s father, Friday Dio, an okada rider based in Lagos is yet to surface since this incident happened, all the suspects involved in this abominable act have been arrested by the Police and will soon be charged to court for culpable homicide.

Efforts are underway to fix a prosthetic hand for him.

This is an expensive task, but HUMANITY will always be first!!!


  1. please this beyond inhuman can the law do it’s work on that spiritual doctor and mother,
    please help the boy is in pain he may hurt females for this help him with physical social concealing , it’s hard he may forget what love is
    may God him soon and give the wisdom to the doctors working on him