Angry Victim Sends Letter, Millipedes To Man Who Robbed Him (Photo)

An angry victim has sent out a shocking and yet authoritative message to a suspected thief who attacked and robbed the victim of properties.

Taking to the old-fashioned way, the victim wrote a letter addressed to the suspect and highlighted the items that were missing.

Information Nigeria gathered that the letter was sent out with millipedes and a mention of a spirit that was going to haunt the man, failure to return the items.

This event, which happened in the Uyo, the capital city of Akwa-Ibom state has left many in shock and awe.

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The letter was accompanied by more than 500 millipedes as he was asked to return the items within two days or face whatever consequences.

See Photo Here:

Angry Victim
The Post
Angry Victim
The Open Letter
Angery Victim
The Millipeds


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