Babcock Varsity Sextape: Nigerians Slam School Management For Expelling Student

The Babcock lady in the viral video
The Babcock lady in the viral video

Recall that we reported earlier that the Babcock undergraduate lady in the viral sex tape has been expelled by the authority of the school, well Nigerians have taken to their Twitter handles to slam the varsity management for their action.

Nigerians, while reacting, have pointed out that since the incident happened outside the school environment, the school authority is wrong for taking such action. Do you agree???


I think the girl should sue BABCOCK! You don’t ruin someone’s future and waste their 3 years because she had sex. It’s not like it was done within the school premises neither is it a recent event.

She does not deserve any expulsion at all. Moral police yenyenyenyen! #babcook

— Dr Emmanuel (@DoctorEmto) November 20, 2019

#babcook Babcock expelling the girl isn’t the right way to go.

And to those that uploaded that video, what do you gain from another person’s misfortune!

— AbdulAziz Ibn Adams (@AzizAdams_) November 20, 2019

This babcock sextape lord knows…if its unilag they wont be expelled #babcook school differs

— The insanely insane (@Thatsavageboi3) November 20, 2019

I just watched the Babcock sex tape. It ain’t worth expulsion (at that level). This doesn’t make any of em a bad person, shame on who leaked it. #miakhalifaِ #babcook #babcock.

— Bamidele (@Oct2Ent) November 20, 2019


  1. That’s all we know how to do, that’s all we’re interested in, she left her own life which need serious attention to ruin another person’s life shame on u, and for the school authorities…. Ain’t u human beings, don’t u have sex, only god knows what many of u did in ur school days…… U don’t ruin someone future cos she had sex…….. 3 years with alot of stress and millions of naira and u just wanna throw it into the sea…….

  2. That school authorities have no heart, I guess they don’t have sex, and people are just wicked and jobless these days, uploading rubbish, is it a bad thing to have sex?, please that school should be banned or sued to court, she was just having a nice time, she didn’t do anything wrong for having sexooo abeg.

  3. its bad to expel her. she did not do it to single handedly to tarnish the sch image. it was consensual. those responsible for releasing the video should be fish out too. she didnt violate the sch rule. many too have sex who are students. she should report to a competent court.

  4. I thought Babcock is a mission school?
    If is still then expulsion won’t be Christ Jesus reactions.
    He came for the sick and not healthy one, he draws sinners closer and not sending them away.
    Why is Nigerian Christianity like this???????????

  5. God punish the person who x-rayed this tape to the world. You have expelled them from school, got them into family problem, make them a life time stigma, hamper the time of the girls graduation and marriage. Social stigma everywhere they go. All they shall go through, you shall have a billion shame and your generation same. Sorrows and rejection shall you get all the days of your life. God shall never show you mercy because, you judge another man. You shall never be satisfied with sex and this shall lead you to sex with a dog which shall become an int’l shame. God punish you a billion times. You have never sinned right or had unmarried sex before? God judge you over the pain you’ve caused this children of God, for they have millions of chances with God. Witch you are.

  6. we ar in a dispensation where right is now wrong and vice versa just as Isaiah 5vs20 said hence,I am not bewildered though irrated DAT d skul management is being criticized and condemned for taking d right action against bad conduct of student.Dere is relatively a justifiable reasons behind d expulsion of d said student by d skul management.
    Logically luking at d way news was being reported, d name of d skul was being rubbed in. It was never said DAT a so and so(directly her name) girl’s sex video tape was being leaked but a ‘Babcock University student’ which polluted d name of d skul in general. Taking action against such act would abort any recurrence of such act and instill discipline as well.
    furthermore, U don’t expect a private University to be still and become docile to pipos complaint as against d ethics of d skul. D action of d girl soil d name of d institution which brought bad image to it’s name hence,one of d way to buttress DAT dey ar against such misconduct done in d name of d skul is to reciprocate an action against misconduct, one of which is expulsion.
    in conclusion but not limited to d above rationale, Sex before marriage is fornication in Christiandom. Apparently, we know d nature of d skul in relation to Christian doctrines. A chatter established dis skul but d critics against d actions of d skul know not d particular chapter of d chatter taking by d skul against d action of d STUDENT and hence have know right to condem their actions in ignorance.

  7. I think the school made a mistake, 1. no offence is cited against the girl, 2. it is not the recent event occurred not in the school premises. The mistake the school made was that they ought to have investigated who uploaded the video and link it with the school. I was told the stupid girl that uploaded the video is from the school, she is the one that would have been expelled.