Bible Doesn’t Speak Against Cosmetic Surgery – Cleric

Nigerian Pastor Tony Rapu
Pastor Tony Rapu

Popular Nigerian pastor, Tony Rapu has shared some version of his own truth concerning the issue of cosmetic surgery.

As the conversation on cosmetic surgery and the morality of it continues, popular Lagos pastor, Tony Rapu, has come out to discredit the argument in some quarters that it is ungodly to have enhanced your body.

In a video he posted on his Instagram page, the clergyman said there is nowhere in the bible that says cosmetic surgery is wrong, however, he pointed out that if plastic surgery is done solely with the aim of becoming more sexually appealing, then there is a problem with the person psychologically.

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According to him: ”The bible is silent about plastic surgery and there is really nothing in it that tells us it is wrong, so there have to be other considerations. If a person is conscious of a deformity or physical aspect of his or her body that is causing them some emotional discomfort, then cosmetic surgery is certainly an option.

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