Buhari Refuses To Shake Hands With Tinubu At Event In Abuja (Video)

President Buhari
President Buhari

A video is currently circulating on social media capturing the moment president Muhammadu Buhari refused to shake hands with Senator Remi Tinubu while he shook hands with other dignitaries present at the function.

In the video, the president alighted from his car and was met by dignitaries waiting for him.

On alighting from the car, Buhari shook hands with all the male present while  Senator Tinubu acknowledges him by bending slightly on her knees.

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The video has since caused uproar on social media with some querying why he would single her out from the pleasantries.

Watch the video below:


    I am not a Buhari supporter and actually believe he is one of Nigeria’s problems. APC and PDP are the same.
    However, my understanding is that a man cannot offer to shake a Muslim woman and Mrs. Tinubu is a Muslim woman and that maybe the reason she did not offer her hand. Buhari has a lot of problems but we should be frank and honest in our criticisms. I have heard of situations where Muslim husbands slapped men for offering to shake their wives. I think the explanation for this behavior is to be found in the same religion that both of them practice. None of the women in attached pictures is a woman. I am open to facts. Can we show pictures of Buhari shaking Moslem women? If found it could change my explanation for his behavior. The president acknowledged her presence.
    There is a picture of a lady who appears to be a Moslem standing in between Lai Mohammed and Governor Ibikunle of Ogun. Buhari is seen holding to the lady’s cloth instead of shaking her. It appears the lady did not even offer her arm. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to post links here. So I think this behavior has its roots in religion and I do not think Mrs. Tinubu is offended as she is a Muslim and did not even offer the president her arm.
    Aishat Buhari does shake men and I think she has the right to deviate from her religious beliefs. The critical thing here is that Buhari has never been pictured shaking a Muslim woman.


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