Celebrity Stylist, Swanky Jerry Exposed, Caught In Many Lies

Swanky Jerry
Swanky Jerry

Celebrity stylist Swanky Jerry has been called out by a fellow stylist, Deanegleictouch who shared proof to show that Swanky has been lying about his many feats online.

According to Deangelictouch, Swanky Jerry has for years been stealing his work and lying that it is his creation.

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According to Deangelictouch;

Hello @swankyjerry , I have tried to be quiet about this for so many years but I would like you to answer this question, WHY DO YOU ENJOY TAKING CREDIT FOR MY WORK?
Why do you stamp your name on a job you clearly had no business in? For reposts on blogs??? The first time you did this was for Timaya’s ‘Money’ video, you posted my work as yours, allowed blogs repost it such that Timaya himself had to do a post before you deleted it off your page.

The second time was for Dbanj’s ‘Emergency’ Video which I styled, you came on set after I stepped out to get some stuff, acted like you were adjusting his shirt, took a picture and posted on Social Media, you took credit for my work, I kept quiet again.

Now you boldly posted you styled @iam_ikeonyema when I was the one who pulled outfits and styled him for his Dubai Trip. How are you the stylist? Because you took him to where he tied the Turban?

I have kept mute for years as I am not one to look for trouble, neither do I care for reposts etc, I care about my work being misinterpreted and nothing is more annoying to a creative than someone else taking credit for their hardwork year in year out.

This nonsense has got to stop! This should serve as a first warning. Be guided!

His other post also read:

@iam_ikeonyema , I tried to be civil with you by sending you a message first to express my displeasure but you overlooked everything I explained and still gave my credit to someone else. You have edited your caption countless times which reflects your lack of integrity and good conscience. I came through for you inspite of the short notice and did everything I could to ensure I got you the best, still you undermined my effort.
I would always demand payment before service but I made an exception for you out of the goodness of my heart and to ensure you had something reputable to wear. You didn’t pay me, yet I supplied everything without hesitation. Where was Swanky when I was at your house doing the fitting ?! I curated the whole look from inception, so give respect where it’s due. You keep sucking up to Swanky which is disappointing. I understand that he does stuff for you for free but that shouldn’t completely destroy your conscience.
Hopefully, you enjoyed your trip and the feeling of being best dressed. I’d need my outfit back by Tuesday, along with my payment . Wish you the best bro 🙏🏾