Court Sends Jehovah Witness To Prison For ‘Organising Prayer Meetings’

Jehovah's Witness

Following the ban of all activities of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia, a man, Sergei Klimov has been sentenced to six years imprisonment for organising activities and prayer meetings.

The religious group was banned in the country as it has been tagged an extremist organisation.

The Russia State prosecutors had reportedly called for an even tougher seven-year sentence after accusing Klimov of heading a covert Jehovah’s Witness cell in Tomsk, recruiting new believers and collecting charitable donations.

Klimov refused to testify during his trial but Lawyers for the defence said they would appeal against the verdict.

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The religious group was outlawed in 2017 by Russia’s Supreme court after classifying the religious group as an “extremist organisation” the same designation used for Islamic State, Irish Times reported.

In Russia, all Jehovah’s Witnesses representative offices have been closed and believers are forbidden to proselytise or distribute religious literature.


  1. I fail to understand the Russian government what they’re intending to do with Jehovah’s witnesses. They don’t interfere with your governance but they have continued victimize them. Remember, Nebucadnnezer was taught a lesson for miss treating God’s people. When it raining or dry our Almighty will fight for them

    • It would be good, Raymond, if you would be sure of what Jehovah has “instructed” you to do. You are allowing men to instruct you and claim it is coming from Jehovah. Many things they dis-fellowship a person for, such as smoking, are not instructions from Jehovah, but, rather from your “governing body” Rarely, if ever, is a witness dis-fellowshipped for “lying”, yet the Bible says Jehovah hates a liar. How about gluttony? Gossip? etc. The Watchtower society is quick to dis-fellowship a person for questioning the teachings of the Watchtower society, but look the other way when it comes to many things the Bible condemns.

  2. Where in the world are people genuinely receiving instruction from God live and direct?It is most acceptable to introduce your own Bible interpretations rather than bitterly and extremely contradicting JW ideology (religious freedom). Even those who Jehovah’s witnesses may perceived as their enemies, they do not attacked in any violent or illegal form neither are they manipulating evidences to justify them selves. In my own perspective,I suspect improperly jealous religious leaders are working hand in gloves with ministry of justice to vet their anger with extremism. I, therefore suggest reexamination of this on going crack down and comprehensive amendment of their misinterpreted constitution.

    • We are commanded in the Bible to “follow “ME” That “ME” being, Jesus Christ. We are told of Jesus Christ and His teaching in the Holy Bible. Jehovah’s witnesses degrade Jesus Christ to an angel (Michael) and follow the men of the Watchtower corporation. It is very easy to prove that, just examine the constant changes in the teachings coming from their leaders and how quickly those changes are accepted by Jehovah’s witnesses. Who then, are they following? God never changes.