I Need A Husband, I Am Single: Nollywood Actress, Cynthia Okeke Cries Out

Nollywood actress, Cynthia Okeke
Nollywood actress, Cynthia Okeke

Nollywood actress, Cynthia Okeke has taken to her Instagram page to cry out over claims that she is single and desperately needs a husband.

While we are yet to ascertain if the screen diva is just trying to clout chase or not, she says prospective applicants can contact her manager and they might just get married in the next coming weeks.

She said:

“Does anybody want a wife? I’m single. I got no kids, I can cook. People say I’m funny. Your Mama doesn’t love me. Do you want a wife?” she wailed in the video. “Biko, drop your thoughts and send your application to my manager. If you are ready we will be getting married next week,”

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  1. I never knew that God created beautiful angel like this somewhere that he don’t give her the the chance of getting married,but if I could say babe you are very damsel angel I love you

  2. I might not have all the qualities you ever wanted in a man, but what you really want now is peace of mind and build your glorious home. I know am not the best but nobody will give me a chance to prove myself .my queen please say yes to me maybe we could be the answer to our prayers. yours truly.

  3. one thing is certain guys must comment. trying to convince you that they are the one but my dear you need not cry out, just check the next neighborhood okay.. less I forget I might be interested too…lol

  4. please; is this joke or is she serious about this issue ? if she is serious about it, let her repost it again and wait for her wedding on Christmas

  5. wow what an awesomely looking diva well you are pretty endowed and you have firm and many more qualities a man can desire in a woman I would love to marry you just that we need to get along know each other is not stuff I will display here my angel my mail is here you know how to find me.

  6. My name is Prince Ikesinachi Nkemakolam, From Isiala-Ngwa North,
    A final year Student of AKANU IBIAM FEDERAL POLYTECHNIC UNWANA(AIFPU), I am 30yrs old, Baby if u can just give me like 2months to round-off my academic program, “I will marry you”,

  7. I am very good and romantic in loving you, if you never mind to accept me….

    Love is blind only God knows everything in life, You are well created and beautiful angel from God. I really wish from my heart and soul to be with you ever and make you feel happy in life…

    Age doesn’t matter about love, i am poor but I have faith and believe in God everything will good and better by his grace….

    I maybe the angel sent from God to you as your soulmate if you have trust and believe in God Almighty…

  8. but wait o…should we just believe this is real or not.
    cus am marvel, at such deperation for a pretty lady like not married.but wait o are u kidding…?”
    if not, i love u let get intouch, but am only 24yrs of u wouldn’t mine..?!

  9. I’m Charles if you are serious then contact me I will marry you and give you the love you deserve, but I have no money I’m a young man, if you sponsor me know you got the right man someone that will not joke with your feelings and break your heart.

  10. Is it because she is rich and famous
    that why everyone here are looking
    forward to marry her,what if she was nobody i dnt think u guys will accept to marry her or claiming u love her so much, and all those sweet names
    well that life, for me o am jentle and humble to be sincere Cynthia good looking gat me looking for a wife too
    i think am in if you choose me

  11. Trust me am
    really not the best guy
    nor am I the great guy
    well u look great, cute and lovely
    well am not the rich guy but
    we could get married right

  12. from the very first day I set my eyes on you,despite I’ve not met you, you captured my heart. I will always love from the depth of my heart my majesty. you always look daper

  13. I’m JB I like the way u do act your movies you are a serious minded business woman, but I don’t love you but I will like to marry you just because of one things, it’s because of the way you act so that you will be acting for me in my house thank you.

  14. men!!! of know dreams poverty whole all of you some are even swearing with the Bible every hard-working man will not come out here to write all this nonsense there are still beautiful women out there after you might have settled like a man have to be you will get a wife of your choice and not to beg a woman here to marry you shame!!!!!! shame to you men

  15. It is unbelievable that a pretty looking young lady like you is still single, I wish I can marry you, buh we are not of the same level and 2 am underage, buh don’t worry God will provide a good one 4 u not a gold digger okay….

  16. lol, my sister you are so funny, even in the next world if there’s you will not look for a man to marry. you are so pretty and hardworking. is not late, God will remember you just be prayerful and concertrate on your work, it will soon be your day.

  17. Never mind those who said dey re ready to marry u, most of them have their own wife or fiance but all because of ur money, dey wanna marry u… u pray for ur own Mr right and I kwn God will grant u ur heart desire❤

  18. could this be true ? I knew you are joking ,a beautiful girl like you would not ask a man to marry her …because I know whole lots of man will be after you ,and you free to pick whoever you want …..

    but if truly you need a man …I am here

  19. if a pretty girl like this is not married, then there is a problem somewhere, the problem might come From u either ur behavior or something else….. just pray to God he will answer u.

  20. hmm my dear, make a very simple life and take yourself to a small level. Almighty God will make a way for you in Jesus name amen.

  21. true love is a thing of heart, not of the head, c I love u just for who u are, not for ur wealth nor for fame ,u are beautiful , if u let me I will be ur husband

  22. God has heard your cry, From now Your Husband to be will arrive at your door step in Jesus Name, Amen. Congratulations ,Cynthia Okeke

  23. I won’t ask you to marry me. but if you change you mind. am available to you and also loyal to you team and condition. marriage is sweet for two people that understand there teams and condition. thanks to you for saying it out and happy Sunday.

  24. Cynthia,of a truth, you are pretty but why showcasing your breast?Is it how to make a good wife?I believe you just want to have a baby like your colleagues in the industry.where are your sugar daddies? stop deceiving yourself for you are not ready for marriage.

  25. am thirty two years old,from delta state. And am from a very poor family,but I just love who u are.Pls married me and help me as well I love u.

  26. I am not rich ooo…but I am good in bed…I can do the domestic work at home…and I a good in bed I can be a man.you we want

  27. I, believe love is fundamental, I am not looking for employment in any company. I said I wants to get you married, why apply through your manager. The issue of marriage is between the lover who agreed within themselves. You are not an institution, I wonder why one has to go via your manager. I can’t understand

  28. am just an guy, hard working, trying to make life.i dont have much, a singer and minister.i cant say i love u now till wr ge to see each other and know each other first.i am trying to give ur words a try.

  29. Cynthia, have faith in God, that your time will soon come. I must confess that you are one of the most beautiful girl I ever seen. have faith Cynthia, God will visit you and turn your situation for good in Jesus name amen.

  30. all those guys are all gold diggers just follow your mind dats all. for me am into real estate . but just managing am not married, no kids single and searching.

  31. life is what you can do and what you can ever do so believe in yourself and move other work other and believe in God one day your prayer will come true do not listen to what people say some people are very annoying so I might be looking for a way to bring you down always look up to God ok

  32. iam highly intresting sweet angel i lov u but ols know the mind of GOD first becouse people aplly is much pls send me ur contact rapusia okwu na okwu aburi nni

  33. You are so cute and beautiful, that a young man like me will say No to you. I am very much interested, but my dear u have to choose wisely
    You know how to reach me, if you want to be my woman.

  34. sorry to ask,what’s your age?
    I am more interested in making good friendship with you in honesty, trust and sincerity, even though we just met each other, maybe, as time goes on, we maybe more than a friends.

    I am supportive and caring and have a loyal and tolerant character, very humble, honest, understanding and truthful. I’m very passionate, physical person that would want the same in a mate, deeply romantic, optimistic

  35. If really you need a husband cry unto God and he will give you the best man for you not people that will take you for whom you are, cuz some will take you cause you are desperate to
    have husband, and such don’t last forever seek for God intansention

  36. Good morning sexy how was your night I hope you slept well last night honestly you look so beautiful I real love to know you, I had be watching you on social media for sometime now I know it’s difficult for you to reply to me I real love to know you more seeing someone like you is a perfect thing I real love to have in my life forever I just wish you would let me into your life I know nobody is perfect but I would do great I know I may not be the best man for you but if you let me into your life I would be the best man you always wanted to have I know I don’t everything word in the to give to you but am ready to offer my heart and soul for you

  37. Now she wants to marry? wow! the husband she will keep or she just want to answer Mrs. If she want to marry, there are many men around her there, why not marry one, why announcing it to the media. She never want to marry, when she is serious for the marriage we will know. but for now she just want to show her picture to the public.

  38. My beautiful sister.you r beautiful,which all men we love to have.pls don’t be in rush.share ur thought with God ND I blf he will hear ur cry ijn.dont just choose but wisely.God bless u

  39. I will say you are beautiful and good as a wife, but I will say try to make a man your friend, then you will know if both of you can go into marriage, because you need a man that will understand you, this for you to have a good home at the end.

  40. Jesus loves you the way you are; nothing else matters than you giving your heart to Him..He says come unto me all ye that are heavy laden and I’ll give you rest.. no amount of things you acquired here on Earth without you first having Christ is vanity… eternal life is God type of life, and if that life is not imparted to your spirit, you’re damned… it’s not enough to believe.., anybody can believe anything but what distinguishes your believe from the rest is your action which gears to faith…take a step sister today… ROMANS 10:8-10..Read it for your salvation…

  41. honesty you are so beautiful to the level that every man want you as a wife but the true of the matter is that you can not find good husband here because everyone as come after you just because you said so. please be careful how you go about. thank you

  42. I may not have money or two much material things but I have one which am going to give you if you want me for who I am ,I will give you true love and peace of mind, am from akwa ibom state a little fair in complexion and average height. you are my choice of a wife

  43. my friend don’t worry God time is the best don’t rush yourself keep up praying and I know God will give you the right man that will love you for who you are despite your movie career the man you never reach the way you are but just taking and believe is god sent him I know you are beautiful woman you looking for a husband should not be a problem hi pretty lady and every man will like to have you as a wife material just keep on praying very soon everything define don’t worry I slept too much

  44. is not all about dropping comment over here is been serious my dear because this is a thing of the heat and believe that you knew what you want in life.just be careful OK thats my words for you.

  45. Really…
    you need a husband with your social life you can’t get one…well to me I’m a young though but making it publicly know is not advisable…whereas if a guy who loves you comes around all you’ll do is ignore him now you’re making it publicly…but don’t wrry we have young guys around my only advise is be careful who you take as your own…some maybe after your money,some sex…. believe you’ll find one when the time reach…lemme say you’re not ready for it… good day

  46. I am in love with you,for the very first time I see you,my spirit told me you are the kind of woman I ever needed
    in my life,Even if you cannot cook I will do the cook for you.

  47. Please if you mean what you are saying. Don’t publicize it like this instead visit secretly the Blessed Sacrament and ask Lord Jesus for what you want and He will do it. This one you have done now will put more confusion to you. Best Wishes.

  48. Nothing good comes easier, if you be come my I will be happy. but pray hard for rightful one. If I be come the rightfully one, that means God has answered me. have fun

  49. I’m Adewale by name, 32years old.
    It is my pleasure to write you this morning regarding your request. I write to tell you that i’m also interested in having a good lady like you as a wife, therefore I’m using this medium to say let’s come together as one. I Like you and I promise to love and care for you. You can message me if you are interested in me or not

  50. I saw your post earlier about a serious relationship, I have never been into any relationship before but I believe if given a chance I can be a good husband to you because you will teach how to love you.


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