Man Breaks Down In Tears After Discovering 9-Month-Old Son Isn’t His Child

A man has shared what seems to be a shocking revelation on the Internet.

The unidentified dad shared how he discovered that a child he has raised for 9 years isn’t his.

Sharing the story on Instagram, he hinted how the incident has made him depressed.

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He wrote in part: “Woke up thinking it was a nightmare but reality set in this will be the last full day I got with him. He made me grow up at my old age lol. I can’t lie I do have hate for his mom right now but I have to focus on him and be thankful for the 10 months.. it’s so crazy Friday when I give him back he will be 10 months exactly. I was looking forward to his first thanksgiving, Christmas and OMG the biggest 1st birthday party January 22nd which I was going to cater for free lol…”

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