Man Performs DNA Tests On His 3 Children; Hides Result From Wife

A Nigerian woman has expressed her sadness after finding out that her husband carried out DNA tests on their three children.

According to the woman who shared her story via twitter with the handle @folakemimighty, she said she stumbled on the results in her husband’s closets.

She said she feels betrayed because she has never cheated on her husband and wondered why he would carry out such an action.


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She said, “So I found the DNA test results of my 3 kids in my husband’s closet. Although, all the kids are his biological children. Yet I feel betrayed. I never cheated on my husband since we got married I don’t know why he took that decision. Should I confront him?”


  1. allow the sleeping dog to lie. what if the result was opposite, would you still confront him? he has satisfied himself with his doubt not that he did not trust you but from what I read from a doctor’s post, he advised all fathers to try and do DNA test on all his kids to be sure that he is raising his biological children to avoid heart attacks in the near future. so I don’t know what you were searching in his private documents to stumble on that document. if you dare confront him with it, you have started a problem you can not solve. meanwhile he will believe you are searching for a document that will make you to kill him. so let everything be. Moreover, you don’t know the reason he did the DNA, probably he wants to submit them Embassy for visa application for the family.

  2. you don’t need to confront him. we are all humans full of right and wrong. He (your husband) took that decision to know the type of wife married. Now the truth has spoken itself you will remain a truthful, trusted and loving wife to your husband. Keep on with your sincerity.


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