Nigerian Lady Recounts How She Was Raped At Age Of 8


A Nigerian lady @PrettyMaa_ has taken to social media to recount how she was raped by her neighbour at the age of 8.

According to the young lady, even after she told her mom, her mom never believed her.

Read her story below;

She wrote “You see that picture I was approaching 8 and guess what I already knew what sex was. I grew up in Warri, back of old airport behind winners chapel church.. one of all those computers with 30 tenants, one toilet and bathroom, the building was standing because of God. I was chubby liked by everyone in the compound. They usually call me nyenye that’s like the nickname of my native name “nyenrhovwo”.

“We had this neighbour next to ours, an elderly woman with 8 boys, she fries groundnut so after school I walk to her backyard to help her fry and eat small. One of her sons “samy” was my fav, always buying me biscuits and gifts. If my mum is not around he stays with me and all. Till this very day , I got back from school as usual went to mama’s house to fry groundnut but no one was home except samy well as uncle things I stayed. That was how he carried me on his bed and started touching me. He closed my mouth so I won’t scream loud.

“That was how my favorite uncle raped me after he was done he cleaned me up thoroughly and took me home. After some weeks I tried telling my mum , do you know my mum assumed i was lying? Because she felt it couldn’t be true. That was when my life started. I had to heal up bruises on my own and the thoughts on my own.

“I started developing trust issues, till date my trust issue is bad my previous relationships always end up because I can’t seem to trust a man. We eventually left there to another place that was when i went A wire. I became stubborn ehn as in stubborn. I felt i could do things on my own, i joined the wrong friends. My parents felt then I was possessed or something because i lost control. They did all they could but i was far gone so they left me to my fate. At age 13,14 i leave my parents house without them knowing about my whereabouts for weeks, months to stay in my friends houses.

“Good thing i was still going to school. You see bad friends forget it.. They were wayward so they didn’t advise me to have sense so i was foolish like them so when i was around 14 going 15. My mum had a liquor shop in warri then so she had this particular ijaw man coming to buy things. Well i knew him very well.

“So on that day after school ,i just got out of the school gate and he drove pass and he stopped and offered to take me home which i innocently entered i just thought after all he’s my mum’s customer let me save my tp fare. That was how he got to one house and said he wanted to quickly drop some things in that house and that i should assist him carry some load. I joined him and we carried the things into the house, lo and behold this man locked the door and asked me to strip.

“For a min i was dumbfounded till a blow hit me ,he was like if i dont do as he says he was going to kill me. He was serious because he brought out a knife. I tried to struggle with him in the process he stabbed me pretty close to ny chest,on my left breast that’s y i hv a scar there looking like a tattoo but i tell people it was an operation to avoid long stories. He succeeded, cleaned me up and dropped me half way on the road.

“I got home no one was home i quickly cleaned up so my parents wont notice a thing because i had no intentions of telling them after all the first one happened they didnt believe its now this one? I just decided to keep it to myself. Weeks after my body changes, mumsu noticed i was having awful discharge immediately she took me to the hospital and result came i had a terrible infection. Doctors had to do a vaginal operation. My life then was in a mess but i always wore a smile. Back to back injections, treatment my hands and butt saw shege that period. I finally opened up to my parents ,but by then the man had packed out.

“These experiences created a mental and emotional damage to me. I started life quite early and i learnt my lessons in a very hard way. I had an ex i had the courage to tell my rape experience to,he laughed and told me i was lying,because of this ehn i started some of my past relationships with lies because i felt what was the point of being real when he wont believe me. Those so called friends even ganged up to kill me then because of envy. My rape experience affected my sexual life i rarely hv orgasm during sex, my insecurities became immeasurably high.. then i was strong,my heart was like a rock, you cant fight me oh.

“My growing up wasnt fun at all. I didn’t get to experience those sweet childhood memories because i became an adult at a minor age. No one helped me retrace my steps,God did. We all hv stories to tell in one way or the other. How you make your bed is how you will definitely sleep on it. All these pain formed into anger because i was forced to heal up the hard way.

“Sometimes when i get angry its a different version of me u dont want to see,before i couldnt control it, gradually i started managing my anger issues. It’s dead but its still in me so if you pish me to my limit it will erupt . Sometimes anything that will trouble my peace ,i try to avoid it , i either keep calm or walk away but if you push it well . So thank you for reading…. i hope you learnt from my story .
Be the best version of yourself”