Nigerians Blast Sugar Belly For Saying Pete Edochie Is A Bad Actor

Pete Edochie
Pete Edochie

Nigerians have taken to their Twitter handle to blast popular Twitter users, Sugar Belly, for saying, Nollywood legend, Pete Edochie, is a really bad actor.

Sugar Belly in her argument said the respected actor has been playing acting the same role all his life.

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Nigerians while reacting to her comment have been bashing the popular social media commentator.

What the user wrote:

What Nigerians are saying;


  1. Sugar Belly or whatever damn name u r called. It’s obvious ur talk is a product of shallow thinking and exposure. If only you got an adviser to tutilagr you before you opened ur gutter to spill this trash, you could have saved urself the shame. For ur info there are some already known characters who knows the onions of a particular role very well and that’s what the director thinks best to give them. Not to say they aren’t good in other aspect. The choice of role can also be affected my values, customs, orientation, culture, etc. You shud try to fine-tune ur thoughts first b4 letting them out. Be ware, not all different thoughts are reasonable.