Obsessed Security Officer Attacked My Friend For Refusing His Offer – OAP Uche

OAP Uche
OAP Uche

OAP Uche has recounted how her friend was assaulted by a security guard for rejecting his offer.

According to her, the officer decided to use cutlass on her friend and if not for the timely intervention of passersby, it would have been a different story.

She tweeted:

I honestly thought shit like what just happened now happen only in movies. Ladies be warned…obsession is real! So this shameless security guy at our estate has been making useless advances at my friend and she obviously rejected him nicely.

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Guess what? The guy caught up with her at the gate tonight on her way back and refused to allow her into the estate and before she knew it he picked up a cutlass to cut her if not to the timely intervention of a passer by cause it was dark.. He even kicked her, for someone who claimed to be in love or like this is utter madness. My friend is in so much pain and can’t breath well RN. Ladies pls be careful out there. We are no longer safe…u can’t even reject a devilish advance and get away.

I don’t know what psychiatrists would call it but I call it crazy obsession so ladies please beware that someone can claim to love you or obsessed with you and still hurt you or worse off kill you. So #StayWoke #sayingnoisokay/


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