Toyin Lawani Defends Killing Animals To Make Fur As Her Followers Call Her Out

Toyin lawani
Toyin Lawani

Serial entrepreneur Toyin Lawani has taken to social media to defend the killing of animals to make fur.

The mom of two posted two new photos of herself surrounded by fur pieces and tried defending why animals should be killed for fashion.


Not long after posting, a follower accused her of promoting animal cruelty, and Toyin wasted no time in responding saying; “I wonder why some people still eat chicken and Bushmeat and come out to form advocate, for Animal Cruelty or is chicken and the Goats you are eating not animals. Do you know how many chicken or peacock feathers goes into creating some of the garments u wear. Ewo efi fur mile joor, hypocrisy on another level, tebari lion ni jungle eduro ke pet e.”

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Another follower, however, called her out again and in response, Toyin said: “Pls I’m not understanding how fur, inequality and poverty entered this fur matter can only me end poverty? Do you even realize I realized recently that some people have poverty mentality and will judge Any move you make . like when I said I sent my kid to school abroad and someone said what’s the big deal there, that it’s not an achievement like when you see that opportunity you won’t take it, ewo Aunty efimile o, tell other celebs when them start I go join. I go leave my children and life problems go dey campaign for animal abi ekontinu boya mojo oyinbo loju yin ni or all these posh things I’m doing is deceiving you.”



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