Why Onyema Quickly Evacuated Stranded Nigerians From South Africa: Buhari’s Aide

Lauretta Onochie

Lauretta Onochie, President Muhammadu Buhari’s aide on social media says Allen Onyema, embattled CEO of Air peace had an ulterior motive when he evacuated Nigerians stranded in South Africa during the xenophobic attacks free of charge.

According to the presidential aide, she had a strong hunch that the Air Peace CEO, who was recently indicted in a multi-million Naira fraud case by the US Department of Justice, was up to something.

Onochie said she wasn’t fooled by Onyema’s ‘heroism’ because she knew something was up and that the Aviation company owner knew America had him where they wanted him.

She said in a tweet on Saturday thus: When the scales suddenly fall off their eyes, we must give it time because it’s either they are pursuing something or something is pursuing them.

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When AirPeace Proprietor became a “Hero”, I was not fooled. Something was pursuing him. He knew America had him where they wanted him.



  1. The DRUNKARD at it again. U are right madam booze. It’s either u are drunk or u are about getting drunk. It’s either u are dreaming or u are about dreaming. It’s either u are very stupid or u are about getting stupid. Useless woman.

  2. You should as well say he planned the xenophobic attack on nigerianin south africa so that he could evacuate nigerians free of charge.
    Even if he is found guilty, he has done for nigerians at large what your government could not do for its citizens. Big shame to Nigeria’s present government.

  3. You have never seen anything good in any except your deceitful government of propaganda and blaming others for their failures. Your government influence and support you’re enjoying at the moment will soon be over,eight years of government is not eternity. You will soon be referred to as ex ….

  4. You and the government should be ashamed. An individual took it upon himself to evacuate citizens that are traumatized by killing by the south African people and government. The Nigerian government could do nothing. Your big mouth was closed then.
    Whether you brand him an armed robber, or fraudulent has nothing to do to the enormous assistance he rendered to Nigerians.
    Bury your head in shame madam.