13-Year-Old Girl Forced To Have Sex With Hundreds Of Men


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A 13-year-old girl from Florida who was forced to have sex with hundreds of men was nicknamed “Breadmaker” by those who allegedly trafficked her.

The victim was said to have run away from home because “she was bored”, but ended up in the hands of sex traffickers, according to court documents obtained by the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

The documents from the court further reveal that the teenager ran away on May 19, and at a party that night met 19-year-old Racquel Bijou, who offered to help her make money.

According to the police report, the young girl agreed and was told that the gig was prostitution; Bijou then became her pimp, arranging for her to meet men, some as old as 50, sending her the time, location and dollar amount of each sex act.

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Phone records show that in a three hour period on a single night, she was prostituted six times.

The girl told investigators she went along with it because she had no money or place to stay, and thus had no choice.

Prosecutors claim Bijou then brought in two associates: 22-year-old Jeremiah Horenstein and 25-year-old Ashton Lewinson.

Prosecutors explained further that the suspects, Bijou and Horenstein took pictures of their victims and posted them on websites advertising commercial sex acts.

They reportedly would book hotel rooms for some clients, and drive her there in a big flashy white Mercedes.

She was sold to hundreds of men in the space of less than one month, prosecutors allege, earning her the nickname, ‘breadmaker’.

It was further revealed that, when Bijou had a falling out with Horenstein, the teen ended up working for another woman: 27-year-old Souprina Blanc.

Under her, she was pimped out to at least six men, usually at Airbnb rentals. It was at one of these rentals investigators finally managed to track her down.

They had suspected she had gotten involved in a sex trafficking ring when, three days after her disappearance, they were shown a text message sent from the girl to one of her relatives saying she’d had sex with “so many people.”

Between August and December, Bijou, Horenstein, Lewinson, and Blanc were all arrested; they were each charged with sex trafficking a minor, and held without bond. Bijou has already pleaded guilty.

If convicted, all four face a maximum penalty of life in prison.