19-Year-Old Girl Beaten To Pulp By Boyfriend Narrates Her Ordeal

Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence

A 19-year-old has taken to social media to share her story.

According to the young girl, she was in a violent relationship with a much older man who derived joy in beating her up.

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In her words;

“At the age of 19 I was in an abusive relationship with an older man that completely changed my life & my views on ppl……he use to reallyyyyy beat me . I never got help after I left that situation…… I thought I was fine but in reality I have been damaged since then….b4 then too but let’s not talk about that rn……November 22, 2019.
Everything that happened in my relationship when I was 19 all happened in one day…..on this day. Domestic violence is real . I was in a situation where i just knew I was going to die …..he wouldn’t stop.
The first time a man shows u who he is please listen ladies . I never thought he would do this to me . I wish I would’ve listened back in February tho when he first pushed me….I shouldn’t have ignored that…I want you ladies to really keep this video in mind. I don’t want to see this happening to any woman .
Ever!!! . And Yes I am pressing charges!!!! I will not let him get away with this ….. . Ya kno It’s real hard being a woman sometimes . I didn’t have a dad nor brother to call…uncle or nun…….it’s hard waking up and seeing myself like this but I WILL GET THROUGH THIS . I WILL .


  1. hello… please i want you to know that guy who did this to you is not a man but an animal..its a pity you did not see what was coming before you entered into a relationship with him…i think that guy deserves a severe jail sentence..


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