Anyone Who Post Fakes Stories Will Be Punished: Keyamo Insists

Festus Keyamo

Minister of State for labour and employment, Festus Keyamo came under several criticisms after he said that it was necessary for the social media and hate speech bills to be passed because of people who post things that could set the polity ablaze.

The minister said this via his Twitter handle on Monday, stating that there must be consequences for posting fake stories capable of putting the nation at war.

The minister, in a followup tweet on Tuesday, said he knows that his message was misconstrued.

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He blamed mischief makers for twisting the message, adding that no one should be punished for insulting public officers but anyone who posts false stories against any person or causes uprising,  must be punished.

He said: Mischief makers are twisting the issues. Let me be CLEAR: nobody should be punished for insulting public officers; nobody can be punished for criticizing govt. But if you post FALSE stories that can turn citizens against one another or lead to an uprising, YOU MUST BE PUNISHED.


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