Church Members Disgrace Pastor For Buying Range Rover; Demand Refund Of Their Tithe

File photo of a Range Rover SUV
File photo of a Range Rover SUV

A new video has emerged capturing some church members publicly humiliating their pastor for buying a new Range Rover sport utility vehicle.

According to reports, the members also asked him for a refund of all the offerings and tithe they have paid to the church.

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Trouble was said to have started for the yet to be identified cleric when he bought the vehicle and drove to the church premises only to be met by an angry mob.

Watch the video below:


  1. does that pastor has no other business except pastoring, do they have treasure and financial secretary of the Church, how are they sure the money used to purchase that vehicle belong to the church in the first place.

  2. it better to give those less privilege people’s on the street and have reward from almighty God, than to someone lied that he was call by God to deceive the follower

  3. Such a decision embacked by the members of this church is quite stinking, what they need is annex prayers to GOD for revelations & directions and blessing of GOD as performed in the life their pastor.


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