Correction: Nigerian Man Did Not Hack US Govt Account To Gift Family Members American Citizenships

Editor’s Note:
An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that a Nigerian man, Abaeze Atuche, hacked the United States’s government account to gift his family members and friends American citizenship.

Information Nigeria incorrectly reported that Atuche was one of the 80 Nigerians arrested for fraud and internet scam. The story originated from a story published by on December 11, 2019, titled “Nigerian man hacked the US govt and gave his family and friends permanent citizenship”

This version has been corrected.

Indeed, there was a mass arrest of Nigerians by the FBI, but there is no Abaeze Atuche on the list.

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Earlier Version

Recall that the US government recently arrested over 80 Nigerians for fraud and internet scam, well one of them, Abaeze Atuche, has been found to have committed more.

He is allegedly said to have hacked the US government immigration service account and gifted family members as well as friends citizenship.

The US government is said to be set to deport all the beneficiaries of his nefarious activities.

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According to an inside source in the US:

“The US government online network is impregnable but this guy proved it otherwise. If he was not arrested I don’t think there was ever going to be an investigation on how his family members got their citizenship”.


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