Dabota Lawson Tackles Reno Omokri Over Twitter Post


dabota lawson
dabota lawson

Dabota Lawson has come for Reno Omokri after the latter took to social media to dish out a piece of advice.

Reno had tweeted that youths need not be pressured into things because of the flashy lifestyle most celebrities flaunt on social media.

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Reacting to this, Dabota advised Reno to change his mindset and not blame celebrities but the country for bad governance.

It’s statements like this that actually encourages bad behavior of the youth and grooms robbers .
It should bother you that a 25 year old cannot get access to loans to further their education, buy a car , a house and even furnish it .
A country with a good system and a good structure should encourage such behavior ( people taking loans ) . It is because the system has failed that people have become desperate and feel the need to brag about things that an average citizen with a good credit score should be able to acquire . @renoomokri change your mindset . Celebrity lifestyle has always been flashy and full of make believe, it’s part of the deal . They are not the problem

Dabota Lawson
Dabota Lawson


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