Doorbell Camera Catches Nigerian Man Admitting To Stabbing His Pregnant Sister To Death

Michael Egwuagu
Michael Egwuagu

Michael Egwuagu, a former University of Texas football player accused of murdering his sister on Friday, has confessed to the crime.

According to reports, Michael was caught on camera moments after killing Jennifer Ebichi’s death, according to police.

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“I killed Jennifer,” Michael, 25, can be heard saying in footage captured by a doorbell camera just as he left Ebichi’s home outside Pflugerville.

Jennifer was in her first trimester of pregnancy. Martin Egwuagu, who is Michael’s older brother and Ebichi’s twin, told police that he received a text message from Jennifer around 5:30 a.m. Friday stating that Michael “was at the residence and was having a crisis”.

Martin went on to speak with his brother on the phone so as to calm him down when he heard him make several strange statements.

Around 4:10 p.m., he got another text from his sister asking him to come to the house. When he got there, he found a woman he recognized as a member of the church he attends standing on the front lawn with Ebichi’s oldest child covered in blood.

He went inside the residence and found Ebichi on the kitchen floor in a large pool of blood with one dozen to two dozen stab wounds.

He went outside and found Michael in the street kneeling down as though praying. When he walked up to him, Michael told him that he was “one of the good ones.”

The woman standing on the lawn told police that Ebichi called her to come to her house and when she arrived, she heard Ebichi, her children and Michael screaming and yelling inside the house.

Soon after she saw the suspect exit the home smiling and holding a bloody kitchen knife when he told her, “I killed Jennifer,” then walked into the street and knelt, police said.

Michael Egwuagu was held at Travis County Jail as of Sunday. His bail has been set at $500,000


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