Game of Thrones Actress, Emilia Clarke, Reveals Why She Stopped Taking Selfies With Fans

Emilia Clarke
Game of Thrones Actress Emilia Clarke

Game of Thrones actress, Emilia Clarke has revealed she no longer takes selfies with fans after one of them insisted she takes a photo with him during a panic attack.

The 33-year-old revealed this while speaking to Jessie Ware on her podcast Table Manners, where she disclosed that she suffers from the anxiety-induced attacks.

Speaking about the incident, a fan stopped her and insisted on getting a snap with her, despite seeing her in tears as she was going through a panic attack, bought on by exhaustion at that moment.

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Speaking on the podcast, she said: “I was genuinely walking through an airport and I suddenly starting having what I can only believe to be a panic attack brought on complete exhaustion. I’m there and the tears are coming out. This guy’s like, “Can I get a selfie?” And I was like, “I can’t breathe, I’m really sorry. Just having a minute.” It was after a few moments like that where I was like, I don’t know how to do this”