Get Business Support in 10 minutes

I decided to open an SME Account with UBA after referrals from 2 friends who are on the entrepreneurship journey with me. At the time, I had just decided to get a business name and I needed an official business account. A quick google search for ‘UBA SME account’ popped up the link to register online immediately. 

I’m going to highlight the ease of the registration process. One of the first things I was impressed by was the fact that no step in the registration-required me to leave where I was seated and also, the whole process took me at most 10 minutes (with good network).

Once you google search ‘UBA SME account’, the second and third results lead you to the account opening page where you can see all the benefits of owning the account including access to business loans (saw this and immediately thought ‘yessss’), access to UBA SME capacity building and advisory platforms, online payments channels, access to SME Masterclasses, access to SME annual Summit and Fairs, free online shopfront on the UBA Marketplace and so much more.


You’ll see several buttons to click to enable you begin your account opening. When you click one – ‘Open Account’, you can select your country and then get the option of selecting an in-country account or a diaspora account. When you are opening the account in-country, you can open an account with or without a BVN.

Opening an account with your BVN takes you through the process so much faster. Once you put in your BVN, email address, phone number and date of birth, you’ll be required to authenticate your BVN using a one-time password (OTP) and upload your passport. Next, choose your gender, input a valid home address and signature and boom, you are done.

Yes, that’s the whole process. A new account in less than 10 minutes, giving you access to the support you need. I need to add this, the interface is so easy to use, whether you are registering from your mobile or using your PC, it is so user-friendly. 

You can stop reading this now and just open your account, I’ve saved you the hassle of googling, simply click here to get started.


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