How Jonathan’s Security Convoy Hit My Car, Threatened To Shoot Me – Businessman

Former President Goodluck Jonathan

Tuoyo Ebigbeyi, a self-acclaimed businessman, has claimed that a vehicle in former President Goodluck Jonathan‘s convoy hit his car on Friday, 29th November, ThePunch reports.

He added that the soldiers attached to his convoy also threatened to shoot him for protesting what was done to his car.

Also, he gave the details of the vehicle on the convoy that hit his car as a Coaster bus marked NEM 503 AA,

His words:

“On Friday, November 29, I was on my way to Igbinedion University, Okada, Edo State, for my convocation.

“Along the Warri-Sapele Road, I encountered a bad spot and I wanted to make a diversion, but there was a truck in front which was stuck.

“On noticing that, I reversed and tried to make a U-Turn to take an alternative route.

“That was when a convoy arrived. When they got there, they also saw that there was no way in front because of the truck and decided to reverse as well.

“When I saw them reversing, I parked at a corner in order not to obstruct them.

“There were about eight or nine vehicles in the convoy. When the Coaster bus in the convoy was trying to reverse, it hit my car.

“I alighted from my vehicle to protest, but one of the soldiers attached to the vehicle said I shouldn’t come close to the Coaster bus or he would shoot and ordered me to leave.

“So, I left the place and they also drove off.”

“I followed them into the filling station and saw a fair lady alighting from one of the VIP vehicles.

“The woman happened to be Dr. Nkechi Mbah, former President, National Council of Women’s Societies.

“Myself and a colleague alighted from the vehicle and we approached Dr. Mbah to explain what had happened but the military guys prevented us.

“On seeing that, she came to meet us and I was explaining to her how my vehicle was damaged, but one of the security guys dismissed us and told us that if we didn’t obey them, they would shoot. So, I left.”is

“On getting to the convocation the next morning, I saw the same people in the convoy.

“Apparently, they were heading for Igbinedion University where President Jonathan was to be honoured with a doctorate degree where I was also to receive my MSc.

“It was when they were all introduced that I knew that it was President Jonathan that was in the convoy.

“I wrote a note to Dr. Mbah and told her how the convoy hit my car and how they needed to fix my headlights, but I honoredred.”

“President Jonathan being a world ambassador for peace should not be working with people who are tyrants and have no respect for humans, irrespective of their status.

“As I speak, my car is still here unattended to,” he said.



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